"Oh, this is going to be great"

Mildew is a dragon hating Viking. He is a resident of Berk. He is like the old man that lives up the hill that everybody hates and only knows how to cause trouble. He framed the dragons for stealing the other Vikings' boots. He is known for his dirty personality.

Framing the dragonsEdit

When Mildew got tired of dragons he supposedly chopped off the feet of a Hideous Zipppleback, cleared them out and framed the stealing of the boots. For the Monstrous Nightmare claws he may have clipped off a real Monstrous Nightmare hand and put a stick in it to claw everything. The claws are green BUT this can be explained because in How To Train Your Dragon a green Monstrous Nightmare attacks Hiccup after he shot down Toothless with a catapult.

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