Hey peeps of the weber-verse! Here is some updates on me and the wiki:

Wiki first:

  • My blog (yes the one your reading right now) is now gonna be just when ever I feel like writing it.
  • Check out the Character of the Month, Hiccup

Now in my life:

  • Me and my best friend made up. But she was quickly replaced as my #2 best friend, I run a tight schedule of friends!
  • I now have a C+ in math. Not good. I'm in advanced math too!
  • Me and my new best friend ( yes the one I replaced the friend I was fighting with before) are now writing a book (and fyi: the replacement friend is now my new best friend -from now on refered to as Erika and fighting friend is Alyssa-)
  • so bored right now.

Anyway, gots to go. cya peeps!

Nun-ya-biddness :P

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